Being on your feet all day, who else but Nike to support you?

Being on your feet all day, who else but Nike to support you?

Shoes, shoes, shoes, it's all about the drip nowadays, isn't it? They say the clothes maketh the person but let's be honest, in the 21st century, walk out on the street, people seem to notice your shoes first, don't they? Visiting a shoe store, we tend to reach out for sneakers over quality running shoes assuming that the sneakers would be more appropriate for "daily use".

You may think that sneakers and Nike running shoes, per se, look similar, but actually, they're extremely different in terms of design and purpose. A major difference is that while aesthetic sneakers are designed for light movements, Nike running shoes for men and women are designed to support your running, walking and even training. Agreeably that aesthetic sneakers do look better and some might be cheaper but we have to think in the long term of how the right shoes support you.

Does it support you?

Donning your Nike running shoes and striding off for a walk or even a run to get that 10K steps in will never result in you having aching legs over the next few days, simply due to the support provided by Nike running shoes. 

With the wrong footwear, the risk is higher for you to develop foot and ankle injuries (corns, bunions, warts etc). On the other hand, with the right shoes, you will be provided with adequate support to your feet and correct the pressure different parts of your body endure when you stand and walk.

A good pair of Nike running shoes is always worth the price you pay

A good pair of Nike running shoes is always worth the price you pay

Is it worth it?

Original Nike running shoes for men and women may be a little pricey but at the end of the day, it's worth the price you pay for the quality of the shoes. Speaking of price, one of the main factors that go into buying shoes is to see how long they will last throughout any strenuous journey you have.

The simple truth is that Nike running shoes will last longer than any aesthetic sneakers. Research has shown that Nike running shoes can last up to 800 kilometres per use! Please don't walk 800km in one -go to prove this fact.

Channel your inner athlete

No matter what activity you’re doing, the right shoes should not only support you but also improve your performance. With the right shoes, the capacity of what your body can do will also radically improve. Turn on your television and browse through the sports channels, there's a reason why athletes take their footwear seriously. One wrong pair of shoes and their sports career will simply go down the drain.

How to choose the right Nike?

At the end of the day, your comfort is what matters the most, no matter what activity you’re performing. You should also pay attention to how each part of your feet feels when donning the shoes. 

Do you know who's on their feet the longest? YOU! Thus, picking the right shoes goes a looong way. Aesthetic shoes are easy on the eyes, but the perfect shoes combine both comforts and aestheticism perfect for their customers. If you’re on the lookout for quality Nike shoes, visit The Marathon Shop’s website here to achieve the ultimate performance no matter what activity you’re uptaking.