The Truth Behind Craft’s CTM Ultra Carbon Running Shoes

Straight From The Zebras Mouth

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Craft’s latest drop, from their distinctive zebra print to their effortless stride on trails, runners glide seamlessly like a zebra in a wide open field. But, as bold as their eye-catching prints are, how well does the CTM Ultra Carbon running shoes perform?

We, at The Marathon Shop want you to reach your fullest potential when it comes to your running performance, and what better way to review a shoe than have our coaches tell you exactly how it is.

Described as a “road trail shoe hybrid crossover racer” by Coach Koci, the shoes are perfect for multiple trails. From a normal road dry surface to gravel and light tracks, the shoes Ultra Trac Outsoles are designed to be lightweight, enabling runners for a flexible and versatile traction and great durability.

The CTM Ultra Carbon also features their hyper lightweight Vault Foam midsole that combines with carbon plates for ultimate efficiency and energy return over a long period of time.

Coach Tyra shared her experience, quote: 

“First run with them; I had no problem to run faster than my usual effort- it’s bouncy and I can feel the energy return and support provided by the hyper lightweight vault foam and tuned carbon plate.”

Overall, when it comes to the performance and its key features, the shoes met the expectations of most seasoned runners. 

Coach Lewis added,

“There was plenty of grip, and the combination of the outsole and the upper helped make footing feel confident over every step and this shoe is like a beast with claws.
The shoe is breathable, roomy and strong.”

A little TMS tip, we would advise you to wear comfortable socks with more padding as the shoes have a thin upper build for a more comfortable running experience.

So, if you’re looking for a premium shoe to take on for your runs, it’s safe to say, these shoes are a perfect fit for you!

Let us know in the comments your experience with CTM Ultra Carbon!

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