At 19, SEA Games triathlete Allison Yee began exploring her journey into the world of multi-sports. Opening herself up to risky challenges, Allison shares her tips and tricks into conquering all sports. Take a look…

“All I knew was just to survive” - SEA Games Triathlete, Allison Yee tells her story

At 19, Allison Yee embarked on a journey that changed her life. For most people, joining a marathon race seems like a daunting feat to overcome, but for Allison it's merely an enjoyable experience that led her to reconnect with old friends. 5 hours passed by, but her feet continued to swiftly hit the gravel until her eyes met the finish line. Although she suffered major blisters after her run, the satisfaction of accomplishing this huge achievement overrides the pain endured.

Fast forward to 2016, Allison was introduced to the world of triathlons by her friends and she bought her first entry level road bike, prompting her to enroll in cycling and swimming lessons as well. 

“Back then I didn’t know how to swim at all. After months of relentless practices in each of the 3 disciplines and transitions, I signed up for my first sprint event in Desaru. I had no idea what to expect swimming in open waters, without a buoy at all on my back. All I knew was just to survive.”


Nervous and intimidated by what laid ahead, Allison eventually triumphed over her fears and completed the course within the cut off time. Until today, the exhilarating feeling and the relief of exiting the swim course still lives on in her mind.

“It had taught me to overcome fears and you could do anything in life.”


For those who are interested in venturing into this path, Allison has a few suggestions that will help you along the way. As a start, wearing a good quality trisuit is the utmost priority for anyone as this helps avoid chafing or discomfort throughout the course. 


For swimming, having a good vision will help you to spot a buoy and stay within the course. Check out our 2XU Rival Goggles which comes with anti-fog coating and smoke-colored lenses for better vision outdoors and in low light. 

Hydration is key in ensuring that your performance is at optimum level, especially for bike courses. With weather conditions such as Malaysia, protecting yourself against the heat will prevent you from heat strokes as well. Before cycling, gear up an easy-to-fit cycling bottle such as Ronhill or 2XU and cages for your bike. Make sure to fill it with plain water and one with electrolytes and drink them alternatively and periodically to avoid dehydration.


For short to mid distance runs, make sure to wear comfortable and light running shoes whereas long distance runs require shoes with good cushioning. Additionally, Allison recommends wearing anti blister socks so your runs are more comfortable and safe. 

“This is because your feet might be already soiled from cycling and swimming which is very prone to developing blisters in your feet. Applying baby powder inside your socks would help to absorb extra moisture away and Vaseline would be very much helpful to your feet.”


Allison’s story serves as an inspiration for all of us to not give up and that any obstacle faced only exists in our mind. With passion and strong determination, anything is possible.


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All photo credits: Allison Yee